California Nest of Tables

October 29, 2018, 3:38 pm

0 comments Keeping it simple is the new fashion statement and that is the plan behind CALIFORNIA NEST OF TABLES range. This is three tables of various sizes that fit together perfectly for convenience. This three-piece CALIFORNIA NEST OF TABLES is an absolute transitional design scheme. This exquisite wooden nested tables can be used for decoration pieces, photos, plants , for the purpose of drinks and snacks in the living room or dining room and even use this range in the office or put your aesthetics to work and arrange these tables as per the delight of your own artistic arrangement. Designed with solid oak and oak veneered tops , hand-painted , with a very warm and soothing natural touch of wooden texture and on top of it ,a lacquered finish ,makes this nest of tables range a must have classic addition to the room.

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